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A group of engineers who design and manufacture pipe processing equipment and jig molds.

CNC pipe bender

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① Low installation and maintenance costs

⇒In addition to promoting cost reduction through in-house production, we are actively adopting general distribution products that can be purchased from major mail-order sites.

Since you can purchase replacement products in-house, you can reduce the time required for restoration and the cost of seconding technicians.

⇒ All sequencer control is not installed on the computer, so there is no need for expensive and complicated control systems.

② Thorough pursuit of productivity and infinite expandability

In addition to speed, interference avoidance function and chainless prevention of shape variation, etc.

Thoroughly focused on ease of use. We can also consult with you about adding special actions.

③ Since the mold is also manufactured in-house, we are overwhelmingly confident in the final total amount.

Points where the UIB series is selected

Latest information

2022. 2. 9

Homepage update

2021. 8.25

We have uploaded 2 other UIB20 type ultra-small bending models to the achievement video.

We have updated the list of business partners.

We have strengthened the online business negotiation system (ZOOM, LINE, Skype, etc.).

2020. 8.31

Organization building project for the futureFirst season completed

2020. 7. 1

We have updated the information of UIB50 type vendor.

* Posted with information on the automated system.

2019.12. 1

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) as part of CSR activities

We have established a guideline for developing in-house development in line with SDG's.

2019. 5.15

It was published in TEIKOKU NEWS of Teikoku Databank.

2019. 4. 1

Official release of in-house CNC pipe bender UIB series

2019. 3.31

YLM agency contract termination

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