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company overview

Ui Engineering Co., Ltd.


English name UI ENGNEERING CO., LTD.

Representative Kiyoshi Suzuki

Established June 10, 2010 (2010)

Capital 7,800,000 yen

Business description Pipe-related equipment / jig mold design and manufacturing

Engineering business


Mass production equipment)

CNC pipe bender

10 type, 15 type, 20 type, 25 type, 40 type, 50 type

Dedicated design equipment)

Metal saw cutting machine / tip saw cutting machine

Multiple simultaneous cutting machines

Terminal molding machine (with a track record of molding thrust up to 30 tons)

Hole punch (drill type, piercing type, etc.)

Air leak inspection machine

Submerged inspection machine

Nut caulking device

Automatic supply type vertical 1 bending bender

Serial number stamping device

Various transport devices

Welding jig exchange trolley

Automated line system

Modification of existing equipment (example: addition of supply / discharge equipment, etc.)

Other achievements


Jig / mold)

Mold for CNC pipe bender

Mold for terminal molding machine

Press cutting jig

Post-bending shape inspection jig

Welding jig

Other achievements

Engineering business)

Bending try seconded / shaped

(Including implementation at equipment made by other companies)

CNC pipe bender inspection / overhaul

(Including implementation at equipment made by other companies)

Development try

Other achievements

Sales results Over 30 companies in Japan, USA, Thailand, China, India, etc.

Over 400 mold transactions for the entire group

Click here for a list of major customers (whole group)

List of bases


[Headquarters] (within our group Ui Technica)

Address 〒470-0128

1-289 Asadahirako, Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number 052-808-4631

FAX 052-808-4632

[Factory 2]  (* Please contact us for inquiries)

Address 〒470-0117

3-2 Fujizuka, Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number 0561-76-9092

FAX 0561-76-9093

[Factory 3] (Manufacturing equipment parts and jigs)

Address 〒470-0128

1-365 Asadahirako, Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture

[Osaka Sales Office]

Ui Metics Co., Ltd.

Address 〒660-0807

2-9-26 Nagasunishidori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number 06-6482-4370

FAX 06-6482-4371



[Thailand sales base / manufacturing factory]

UITech Machinery Co., Ltd.


telephone number  +662-103-4505

FAX      +662-103-4506


Two expatriates (one of them is resident in UI.Mold of the jig / mold department)


* For inquiries, please contact the above website.

Or Ui Engineering Co., Ltd.

Thank you.

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